How to Save Yoga Tradition | Yoga Classics Input Project

On May 13, 2012

Modern day practitioners have excelled at the ancient art of Yoga; millions of people revel on the mat every day. Breathing, sweating and stretching, the world is indeed discovering Yoga’s remarkable powers of transformation.

The Yoga Classics Input Projectis a team of Yogis, philosophers, computer operators and technical engineers who believe that the wisdom of Yoga belongs to the world and should be available—for free—to everyone.Unfortunately the wisdom of Yoga, as documented in hundreds of thousands of palm leaf manuscripts, is also rapidly disappearing. The texts that remain lay rotting and forgotten in India’s humid libraries, subject to the irrevocable ravages of both insect and time.In order to share these remarkable teachings with the global yoga community and beyond, YCIP is dedicated to finding these precious books, creating digital scans of each fragile page, typing their contents into our database, and freely distributing them around the world.

The success of this project will contribute to the longevity of the Yoga lineages and keep sacred knowledge intact, extraordinary and available for all.   HOW YOU CAN HELP:

  • Plant seeds: Tell Your Friends, Family and other Yoga-masters!
  • Hold Charity Community Classes Locally to raise awareness and donations to support Yoga Classics Input Project (YCIP).

Lastly, dedicate all of these virtuous efforts to serving others.  YAY!!