Project X Team | Know No Limits

On July 16, 2012

Founder of the Outdoor Yoga Series at  Project X Team, Natalie is an Area Leader + Yoga Teacher at Project X Team in HK.

Project X Team is a non-profit that uses sports to spread awareness and teams up with like-minded people, and through sports we make a difference. Project X Team offers healthy alternative revolving around empowering sports, worthy endeavors and a loyal support group. +


Hike + Yoga Testimonials:

Nice group, learned a lovely new part of the trail I’d never discovered before. I love yoga outdoors, especially in that spot, and with a nice group. Fun picnic afterwards making new friends (reminder-bring food/snacks to share). A great day :-)

~Kate Larson, Hong Kong


Thanks so much for today! It was FANTASTIC! So nice to meet you all too- see you at the next one :)

~Kate Omerod, Hong Kong


I had so much fun!!! We had a nice hike, the Peak garden was absolutely breath taking, the yoga was wonderful, we had a nice picnic, and even an eagle decided to swoop by and sample some of the goodies :) thank you!

~Kat, Hong Kong