Thank You’s

MY FAMILY: Thank you for the unconditional love and support.    THANK YOU + I LOVE YOU ALWAYS.   Deepest respect to my parents who have been brave, who have endured deep hardships, and embody courage and strength.   Mother Ester: My first guru is my mother… Super Glue and Matriarch Goddess, Green Thumb, Pattern Maker and Clothing Designer, Amazing Cook, + Psychiatrist who devotes her life to healing others.   Father Roxas:  Creative Genius, Wisdom Pillar, Devotional Giver + Architect Extraordinaire.  To my dearest sister Jennifer, you are a goddess.   To Steve, gratitude for your eager interest and appreciation.   To my niece and nephew Olivia and Nathan:  may you be grateful for your karma and love everyone as they love you.   To my extended family:    may JOY, LOVE, COMPASSION be present in your hearts always.  Shout out to the Macam Tribe de Balangabong.  Mabuhay!!


MY TEACHERS: Shiva Rea – your revolutionary vinyasa + yoga teachings + poetic words inspire me to serve. Twee Merrigan – Thank you for being the Global Yogini  traveling worldwide allowing me to attend my first Prana Flow® Teaching Immersions. Leah Kim – Who gave me local support during her time in HK + priceless advice, and shared stories family karma stories.  Will Lau – my most influential teacher based in HK.

HONG KONG SANGHA:  FRAN!, Meg, Gem + Novie: My 1st HEART friends in HK.  Endless Gratitude for being there in the densest, deepest times.  Love all of you and remember you always.  Bless.  Eric Stryson + Mark Trippetti:  thank you for your devotion.  BIG GRATITUDE for teaching me and linking me to the source .   Geshe Michael Roach + Lama Christina: Thank you for the teachings + connections to my heart brothers and sisters.  Angel-A Digital Dharma Goddessa your beauty, intelligence always shines: My Twinkle Twin *STAR*.  Vicky Vortex – I know who to call for Dharma support!   Michael Kho – Thank you for being an amazing friend and may THE FORCE be with you always.   Kana Lea Connie Tung: GET READY TO EXPLODE MUSHROOM CLOUD style with joy, love + abundance to serve beings who move and live.  T-T-T-Tina Chuuuuuuuu.  Agent Chu Bear:  This website was possible ALL BECAUSE OF your generosity.   Thank you, thank you, thank you [hi flapper + jenny!]

MY FRIENDS:  Alina, Terry, Asha + Jessica – Thank you so much for being YOU, for your unconditional support you will forever be blazed in my heart.   My first GODDESS CIRCLE.   You are all on my “Goddesses to Worship” List.  Dear Alina Innovative Creator:  Mi Casa es Tu Casa.   What haven’t we been through together?  Terry my heart sister and oldest friend, 329-3**6, I will always remember that number.  What?  I know I even shock myself.  Asha:  The PINKY Twist.  Da-da-da-duuuuuuum.  Attack!  Jessica:   You are total fabulousness.  I can’t believe you live in Sweden.  OMG. Your mushymush is so cute.   You made that?

To all my NYC + HK peeps:  Ya’ll Rock!

FELLOW STUDENTS TEACHERS:  Yo Yo Yogis/Yoginis!!!!!!:  I couldn’t have done it with out YOU.  You are MY TEACHERS. Chris Broad – you are total awesomeness and current location is lucky to have you for the interim before you catapult to another location.  Haley Sharack and the only Quantum Leap Yoga Guru in the World: Christa Everest:  THE EPITOME OF TOTAL RADNESS.  Need I say more?  You are shortlisted onto my Goddess altar.   Tingting Peng – Gorgeousness, Amazing Power Vinyasa Teacher, Global Adventurer and Community Activist:  Thank you for your reliable collaboration and authentic intention.  Love you!  Kambiz Fahim: OMG… Long Beach Bound.  Woop woop.  You are Shiva, I am Shakti.    Project X Team: Thank you for your SEVA and your dedication and time to the community + for letting me serve with you.   I HEART.