About Natalie’s Classes:

Natalie teaches Vinyasa Flow Yoga, and her dynamic classes flow with breath-inspired movement.  They are creative, yet balanced and intelligent, sequencing that allows individuals to experience greater ease and vitality. Her teaching style infuses traditional yoga practices with a modern twist – incorporating asana, pranayama, music, meditation, chanting.

Natalie blends Iyengar alignment, with a flowing practice based on Prana Flow® Yoga developed by Shiva Rea moving in a steady and deliberate manner focusing on correct alignment.

Prana flow® focuses on how breath initiates and inspires all movement, and empowers student’s to experience “prana” – the universal source of life-energy.  Prana flow®  is a conscious evolution of Vinyasa Yoga that allows us to experience our fluid nature through a rhythmic and energetic approach to yoga. [~excerpted from http://www.shivarea.com]

For more information on Prana Flow® see, http://www.shivarea.com.


Bhakti Vinyasa Flow:

Natalie also teaches Bhakti Vinyasa Flow which is best experienced as “Bhakti Vinyasa with Prana Flow sequencing”.

Bhakti means devotion to something higher than just ourselves. Bhakti yoga is the path of love, devotion and service.  Whether it be toward a relationship, a family, a community, future generations or all beings, bhakti is the development of compassion, love, gratitude and equanimity. Vinyasa means to move skillfully. Whether it be from one posture to the next in a flowing sequence or mentally from suffering toward liberation, vinyasa is starting exactly as we are and moving toward achieving our greater sense of purpose/service, one breath at a time.

Natalie’s Bhakti Vinyasa Flow classes are devotionally infused yoga experience that incorporates chanting, pranayama, and Prana Flow® sequencing to open the heart and dance of your inner spirit.

This practice begins with a sound invocation with the Harmonium and chanting.  It closes with meditation and Kirtan to experience Bhava, the nectar of devotion, through union of the body, mind and soul.

These heart-based joyful classes offer an opportunity for students to experience and deepen their own bhakti-based yoga practice, and to share the blessings of bhakti yoga and satsang in a very happy, loving and supportive atmosphere.